Keebler Cookies And Crackers Variety Pack (1oz / 45pk)



Keebler Cookies & Crackers Variety Pack includes a delicious assortment of sweet and savory snacks to enjoy throughout the day. This bulk pack of Keebler products is an ideal addition to any household or convenience store.

What Is Included In This Keebler Cookies And Crackers Variety Pack?

Savor the crunch and flavor of this well-curated variety pack, which includes 12 packs of Cheez-It crackers, 15 packs of Keebler Mini Fudge Stripes, 10 packs of Chips Deluxe Mini cookies, and 8 packs of Scooby-Doo! Baked Graham Cracker Sticks. Each packet is individually sized, making them a tasty and calorie-controlled snack option.

Who Doesn't Love Keebler Crackers And Keebler Cookies?

Keebler uses real cheese, chocolate and cinnamon to make its snacks. It's the perfect snack selection for parents who want to provide baked, wholesome treats. These packaged crackers and cookies are also fun for children. The Cheez-It crackers are imprinted with individual letters, so kids can spell out fun messages, while the Scooby-Doo! graham crackers are shaped like Scooby snacks. The mini Chips Deluxe are embedded with rainbow-colored M&M mini candies. Adults also love these delicious Keebler crackers and cookies, making them a great addition to lunchboxes for those heading to school or work.

Convenient Keebler Cookies And Crackers Variety Pack

This bulk pack of assorted Keebler cookies and crackers is ideal for stocking up at home since children will love the variety and parents will love the wholesome ingredients. They're great for school, kids' playdates and after-school snacking. Adults also love this Keebler assortment, since they are delicious and conveniently packaged for enjoying at work or while running errands. This Keebler cracker and cookie selection includes 45 individually sized bags making them excellent for resale. Use these tasty snacks to restock vending machines, convenience store shelves and game day concession stands.

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