Member's Mark Animal Crackers (5 lbs.)



With this jar of Member's Mark™ Animal Crackers (5 lb.), you can offer classic treats to family, friends, co-workers and more.

What’s in Member's Mark Animal Crackers?

Since their introduction in the late 19th century, animal crackers have been enormously popular and adored by many. And once you take your first bite, it’s easy to understand their massive success. Each cracker is sweet and provides a satisfying crunch with every bite. On top of that, they’re designed in the shape of cute animals, which makes them fun for both young children and adults.

Are Member's Mark Animal Crackers Healthy?

While they’re rich with flavor, animal crackers also contain some healthy ingredients, which can make them a better alternative when compared to other snacks. Unlike other popular treats, these crackers are low in fat and don’t contain any trans fats. This simple snack can easily be fit into your day without feeling too guilty.

Who Makes These Animal Crackers?

Member’s Mark, a brand owned by Sam’s Club and is specifically catered towards providing Sam’s Club members with exclusive access to some of the best items available. And to make the offer even more exciting, Member’s Mark products are sold at low prices.

Unbeatable Convenience

With 5 lbs. worth of animal crackers in one jar, this is ideal for offices, schools, daycares and homes. Pouring some of these crackers into a large bowl would allow anyone to come by, grab a handful and continue on with their day. Since each animal cracker is packed with flavor, you may find that they can sate cravings and relieve hunger. So, if you’re responsible for feeding a sizable crowd, then a massive jar like this can prove to be useful for you.

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