Pepperidge Farm Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies (30 pk.)



Pepperidge Farm® Milano® Dark Chocolate Cookies (30 pk.) offer deliciously simple snacking whenever you want. Combining simplicity and elegance, these Milano cookies provide the perfect balance of a crispy crunch and a rich chocolate flavor.

How Many Cookies Per Pack?

Each pack of Pepperidge Farm Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies comes with two cookies. With a total of 30 packs, there's a grand total of 60 cookies. Each pack of cookies is 110 calories, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, a mere 40 milligrams of sodium and 7 grams of sugar. A pack of Milano cookies makes the perfect, easy snack. Anytime, anywhere.

A Convenient Treat

Pepperidge Farm Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies come in convenient On-The-Go® Packs. If you're strapped for time, simply throw a pack into your pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase. When you're out and about, you'll be thankful for the ease and accessibility of Milano cookies.

Rich Dark Chocolate

Labeled for resale, these Milano dark chocolate cookies are perfect to sell at convenience stores, concession stands or in vending machines. The enticing, delicious dark chocolate cookies will make for a great sale on any shelf or aisle.

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