Ajax Advanced Citrus Blast Dishwashing Liquid (102oz.)



Ajax® Advanced Citrus Blast™ Dishwashing Liquid (102oz.) offers you a combination of both freshness and thoroughly clean dishes. It has odor eliminating technology that goes far beyond the dishwasher.

What Makes Ajax So Good at Eliminating Odors?

Ajax Advanced Citrus Blast Dishwashing Liquid is great at getting rid of odors. Odors linger in the air due to tiny molecules that are picked up by our olfactory glands. Even though they are microscopic, they can have a big impact on your senses. Odor-fighting technology is able to eliminate the effect of these odors to create a much more pleasant environment in which to cook, eat and live. As odors are snatched and eliminated, the overall comfort of one of your most precious spaces—the kitchen—is restored.

Is Ajax Good for Getting Tough Stains Out?

Ajax Advanced Citrus Blast Dishwashing Liquid is an excellent grease-fighter. When stains and grease get embedded in your dishes, they can be tough to remove. This is because they get stuck in between the tiny pores of your dishes' surfaces. This dishwashing liquid is able to get inside these tiny crevices and push out the grease. Other stains that depend on their bonds to the surfaces of your dishes are also done away with. This cleaning power, coupled with good, old-fashioned hot water, is a great one-two punch that knocks out even the most stubborn stains.

Freshens Your Entire Kitchen

The light, pleasant scent of citrus is one of the aesthetic beauties of this washing liquid. As the bubbles burst inside the dishwasher, the air that was trapped inside them is lightly scented with the refreshing aroma of citrus. This then spreads to the rest of your kitchen.

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