Artnaturals Tea Tree Shampoo & Conditioner Duo



Pamper your hair with this Artnaturals tea tree shampoo and conditioner duo to soothe your itchy scalp. The exclusive formula uses botanicals such as aloe vera and rosemary, which help nourish your hair and exfoliate your scalp.

Featuring tea tree oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, this shampoo and conditioner duo refreshes your scalp as it helps soothe irritated skin, while seaweed extract adds increased volume to your hair. Help rid your tresses from brittle, fragile hair with a daily infusion of vitamins A, C and E. This duo includes both shampoo and conditioner, delivering complete care for your hair.

Everyday Hydration

You can use this moisturizing Artnaturals tea tree shampoo and conditioner duo daily to rapidly heal dry, frizzy hair. Both formulas are specifically formatted to repair curly hair and fight dandruff.

Can this shampoo and conditioner be used every day?

This Artnaturals tea tree shampoo and conditioner duo is safe for daily use to moisturize dry, flaky hair.

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