Austin Zoo Animal Crackers (2oz., 36pk.)



When littles ones have Austin Zoo Animal Crackers, it's a day at the zoo in their lunch box. Austin Zoo Animals are a menagerie of sweet snacking fun in all your favorite, fun animal shapes.

Who Loves These Austin Zoo Animal Crackers Most?

Crunchy, sweet, filling and nostalgic—these tasty snack crackers are sure to please even the pickiest of snackers. Stock up on this 36-pack of small, two-ounce bags that are perfect for tossing in kids' lunch boxes, daycare, vending machines and convenience stores.

Can We Craft With Animal Cookies?

Kicking "play with your food" up a notch, these zoo cracker crafts are sure to please your little one's imagination. Here's our favorite things to make with Austin Zoo Animal Crackers:

  • If your zoo animal cookies have gone stale, turn them into wearable art. Pop animal crackers in a 200º F oven for 10 minutes to dry them out. After letting them cool, paint the animal crackers, then seal the paint with lacquer or Mod Podge. After sealing, you can write on the zoo animal cookies with permanent marker or super glue pins, magnets, etc. to the backs. Stick them to your fridge, your little one's backpack or spice up a denim jacket.
  • Want a simpler craft using animal crackers that your mini crafter can still eat? Help your kiddo make a "zoo" out of construction paper, pretzel sticks or pipe cleaners, construction paper or a shoebox, glue and of course—animal cracker snacks. Obviously, stay away from nibbling on the glue bits, but after the crafting is complete, encourage little ones to release the animals from the zoo and chow down.

What Are Some Simple Recipes Using Zoo Animal Crackers?

Austin Zoo Animal Crackers aren't just for playing with and after-school snacking. Did you know that they can be a star of a recipe and made into a dish? Here are a few easy recipes using animal crackers:

  • Make a slumber party-ready snack mix that's salty, sweet and satisfying by tossing together zoo animal cookies, pretzels, raisins, popcorn, peanuts, chocolate chips and anything else your taste buds desire.
  • Make a cheesecake or pie crust by throwing a few handfuls of animal crackers in a food processor with melted butter and brown sugar.
  • Make ice cream sandwiches for a post-dinner sweet treat by spreading frosting of any flavor in between two of these zoo crackers.

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