Bare Baked Crunchy Fuji & Reds Apple Chips (10 oz., 2 pk.)



Bare Baked Crunchy Apple Chips are made from real fresh apples that are sliced, then slowly baked to a perfect crunch, with no added sugar and no preservatives. Unlike other dried fruit options, Bare combines the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a chip, which makes them a portable, convenient, anytime snack that's truly satisfying. There's just one ingredient in this sweet snack—apples!

These chips are gluten free, fat free and have no added sugar. Swap these for your usual potato chips at lunch or as a satisfying afternoon snack. Bare believes it’s the simple things that make life a little fuller. Our crave-ably crunchy snacks are made from simple, real ingredients. It all starts with picking the ripest fruit and digging up the freshest veggies. They then slice and slowly bake the fruit and veggies to crunchy perfection. These chips are an easy, healthy choice to snack on at home or on the go.

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