Benefiber Fiber Supplement (190 servings)



Benefiber ® Fiber Supplement is a gluten-free, taste-free and sugar-free prebiotic that dissolves clear in any food or drink. Benefiber Original is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber supplement that makes caring for one's digestive system so much easier. Because it has no taste or smell, the gluten-free fiber supplement can be added into anything. You can get creative with the supplement by baking or cooking your favorite fiber-rich foods with it. Simply add the fiber supplement to any meal or non-carbonated drink without altering its consistency, taste or smell. With all the benefits one can gain from prebiotics and the convenience of adding it on literally any food or beverage, this is arguably the best fiber supplement in the market today.

Who Needs Benefiber Supplement?

Everyone needs fiber, Clinical studies reveal that regular use of fiber pills and supplements can help support good gut health and weight management. While you can get fiber in several foods like onions, garlic, honey and banana, Benefiber is an easy way to incorporate more fiber in your diet without having to compromise on taste.

What are the benefits of using Benefiber?

Prebiotic fiber is beneficial in many ways. First, it helps to nourish good bacteria in the gut by promoting an optimal environment for the naturally-occurring bacteria to thrive. It also suppresses bad bacteria for good digestive health and overall wellness.

How to use the Benefiber Fiber Supplement

The ideal dosage of the prebiotic fiber supplement is three times daily. It is recommended that an adult takes between 21 to 38 grams of fiber every day.

What is the Difference Between Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are carbohydrates that are food for the good bacteria in the gut. The fibers travel to the colon undigested, then they ferment and create small chain fatty acids to feed the bacteria.

Probiotics, on the other hand, are live microorganisms that act as good bacteria in the gut. Ingesting foods rich in probiotics helps repopulate the good bacteria thus overwhelming the bad bacteria.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that act like good bacteria that is found naturally in the gut. Prebiotics are found in foods like honey, garlic and onion, while probiotics can be found in yogurt, cheddar cheese, and kefir.

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