Blue Stop Max Massage Gel (16 fl. oz.)



Blue Stop Max® Massage Gel (16 fl. oz.) is a pain relief gel that was invented by a surgeon to provide fast, soothing relief from muscle and joint pain.

What Do You Look For in a Pain Relief Massage Gel?

You have a lot to do today, so you don't have time to slow down because of muscle or joint pain. You want the fast, effective relief that you get every time you use Blue Stop Max Pain Relief Gel. It provides the soothing, fast-acting pain relief that you need to help you keep moving and feel your best. Other pain relief gels can be sticky and messy, but Blue Stop Max Pain Relief Gel, in the convenient pump bottle, is greaseless and always goes on clear.

What Makes Blue Stop Max Pain Relief Gel so Effective?

Blue Stop Max Massage Gel is made from deep penetrating ingredients like soothing, all-natural aloe vera, cooling menthol and emu oil, that together help deliver fast, soothing relief from joint and muscle aches.

Who Will Benefit Most from Blue Stop Max Massage Gel?

Whether your muscle and joint pain comes from an energizing workout, a hard day on the job or from chronic arthritis, you can be certain that Blue Stop Max Pain Relief Gel will give you the fast, soothing pain relief that you deserve. No other pain relief gel works faster or is more effective than Blue Stop Max.

Keep A Bottle Of Blue Stop Max Massage Gel Handy for the Next Time Muscle or Joint Pain Strikes

Use Blue Stop Max Massage Gel in the morning, after you shower to sooth and relax your achy joints. Keep a bottle in your gym bag or backpack and use it after sporting events. Leave it on your nightstand and message your aching joints at bedtime for effective pain relief that lasts all night long.

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