Crunchmaster 5 Seed Multi-Grain Crackers (10oz., 2pk.)



Crunchmaster 5 Seed Multi-Grain Crackers will curb your cravings anywhere you go. When you're at work and feeling hungry, these crackers will satisfy your appetite. Placing these in your kid's lunchbox can ensure that they have something to eat during snack time, too.

Pack Of Crunchmaster 5 Seed Multi-grain Crackers

This box features two large bags of multigrain crackers. Crunchmaster makes these crackers with five different seeds, including sesame, amaranth, flax, chia and quinoa. Crunchmaster also bakes these crackers in an oven, which gives them delicious crispiness. Each bag is 10 ounces, and this selection is ideal for parties, office break rooms, schools and more.

Who Makes Crunchmaster 5 Seed Multi-grain Crackers?

These multigrain crackers come from TH Foods, Inc. The company specializes in producing tasty snacks that customers adore. In addition to creating high-quality food, it's also determined to give back to the community and help improve the environment.

What Recipes Can I Make With Crunchmaster 5 Seed Multi-grain Crackers?

These multigrain crackers taste great with different sauces and syrups, so you can experiment and find your favorite combination. Many consumers like dunking these crackers in hot salsa while others prefer blue cheese and guacamole. Likewise, pairing these treats with pasta, lasagna or rice and beans can be appetizing. You can also crush your crackers into small bits and toss these pieces onto your scrambled, eggs, tuna or salad, giving them an additional flavor.

Are Crunchmaster 5 Seed Multi-grain Crackers Healthy?

Crunchmaster 5 Seed Multi-Grain Crackers consist of healthy ingredients that can provide numerous advantages. Additionally, they're full of essential minerals like calcium, iron and potassium. Each serving contains 0g of trans fat, 0mg of cholesterol and 0g of sugar, making this a fantastic choice for anyone on a diet. These multigrain crackers have no artificial colors or flavors, so they're more natural than other snacks. And they have no preservatives.

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