DataVac Electric Computer Duster



The DataVac® Electric Computer Duster may save your electronics from their next major breakdown and your next major repair bill. An electric air duster is a worthwhile investment. Dust can severely damage electronics, especially computers, servers and processors, because their cooling and ventilation systems are vital to maintaining their function. If those systems are clogged or blocked, if cooling fans are slowed or jammed, or if debris reaches the inner portion of the machine, then damage may occur and problems will ensue. This computer duster can be used to blow dust off precious artifacts like photos and film, or delicate surfaces like scanners and copier glass that scratches easily and must be handed delicately.

How Long Will the DataVac Duster Last?

The DataVac Electric Computer Duster never has to be replaced or refilled because it uses an electric fan to blow air. It does not use compressed air or air canisters and never results in waste or empty canisters. It comes with a manufacturer's one-year limited warranty.

What's the Best Electric Computer Duster?

The DataVac Electric Duster has received high ratings for its powerful blast of air and easy-to-use handle and blower system. It's durable and long-lasting. This electric computer duster filters air as it exits the blower. It’s effective on all electronic and computer equipment, including the tougher and bigger jobs like server farms and tough-to-reach places like behind your TV.

Does the DataVac Electric Computer Duster Contain Propellants?

No, this electric duster is safe for the environment because it does not contain any pollutant propellants or propellants that are damaging to the atmosphere or ozone. Because this duster uses an electric fan, it never results in wasteful and harmful pollutants entering the atmosphere or the landfill.

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