Degree Dry Protection Deodorant, Shower Clean (2.6 oz., 4 pk. + 1.6 oz. Sexy Intrigue)



Degree® Dry Protection Deodorant, Shower Clean (2.6 oz, 4 pk. + 1.6 oz. Sexy Intrigue) has a floral scent that leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the day. With this antiperspirant, you are able to go into your day feeling confident and ready to take on any stresses it has to offer.

How Long Does Degree Dry Protection Deodorant Last?

This stick gives you a long-lasting 24 hours of protection. It protects you from sweat and the body odor that comes along with it. In addition, it helps you emit a pleasant, sweet smell as you go about your day, making you a pleasure to be around. The fragrances come from the scents of rose and jasmine. For hundreds of years, these fragrances have been the focal point of the finest perfumes. With Degree, you are able to incorporate their pleasing qualities with the power of odor protection.

What Is This Deodorant Good For?

Degree Dry Protection Deodorant, Shower Clean is a fantastic go-to solution for anyone who feels or will be feeling stress. If you have a job interview coming up, grab a stick for some extra protection. This way, you will be sure to leave the best impression possible. Have a presentation coming up at work and don't want to show a sweaty armpit each time you reach up to point or gesture? Degree has you covered with this sweat-crushing stick. It is also good just after you get out of the shower. It becomes the first layer of fragrance for your body, making it the base for your physical presentation for the next 24 hours.

It Responds to Your Body's Heat

As your body starts to heat up, Degree Dry Protection Deodorant, Shower Clean starts to kick into action. The sweat-fighting properties of this brilliant stick of deodorant are activated as soon as body heat is detected. You are therefore able to get ahead of perspiration.

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