Detecto Physician Scale, 400 lb. capacity



Do you need to have a new scale for your home or office? While there are many options available, including digital weight scales and electronic scales, you might want to consider this Detecto® Physician Scale with a 400 lb. capacity. This option, model 437, has some nice benefits, as you’ll soon see.

Why Choose the Detecto Physician Scale?

While Detecto digital scales could be a good option, there’s a time-honored reputation with these types of manual scales. They have a rigid construction and they have been precisely engineered. In fact, all of the scales from Detecto are tested using weights traceable to the U.S. Bureau of Standards. This is an eye-level physician scale that has a platform cover that is easy to remove when you clean the scale. It’s possible to read the scale from either side, so you could weigh yourself or stand on the other side of the scale and weigh someone else.  

Where Can You Use the Detecto Physician Scale?

One of the great things about the Detecto scales is the fact that they can be used in so many different locations. While they are very popular for doctor’s offices, as that is where these types of scales were often used traditionally, there are plenty of other ways that they can be used. For example, you can choose to bring one of these scales to your home. You could also have some of the scales set up in the gym or fitness center, for example. You will find a host of ways that you can use the scales.

Do You Need More Than One?

If you are buying the Detecto weighing scale for a clinic, then you might need to have more than one, naturally. You might want to have the scales available in several rooms or all of the rooms. Consider the number that you’ll need and then buy accordingly. Of course, if you’re just getting this for your own bathroom at home, then you will likely only need to have one.

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