Duro Member's Mark Bag 12# Kraft Bags - 500 ct.



This brown paper bag is great when you need something bigger than a lunch bag. Perfect for convenience stores, bakeries and gift-shops. When opened, the bag stands upright for easy loading. You can also customize it with a stamp or label with your company name or logo.

Are Duro Paper Bags Restaurant Quality?

If you run a delicatessen, takeout restaurant, or any other food industry where guests are taking their food to go, you'll want paper bags that are strong and affordable. Fortunately, Kraft paper bags are right of that intersection of being incredibly reliable and no so expensive that they eat into your profits. Whether you are putting in a hearty sub sandwich or placing a to-go container of fried rice into them, you can rely on Kraft paper shopping bags to keep you and your customers happy.

How Many Paper Bags Can I Buy At Once?

This particular bundle comes with 500 paper bags in a single package. That's 500 burgers, 500 school lunches, 500 fried chicken specials or 500 Tupperware contains full of leftovers. Duro paper bags are the kind of product you don't think about until you need them and you don't have them. Why not stock up now so you aren't left with a full meal and no way to take it anywhere?

Can I Recycle Kraft Grocery Bags?

Absolutely! These Duro paper bags are made with recyclable materials, so they can be easily recycled once again once you are done with them. Keep trash out of landfills and contribute to the overall wellbeing of our planet by taking these bags to the recycling whenever possible. It may be a small gesture, but it adds up when people all over the world are doing it too.

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