Duro Member's Mark Bag 25# Shorty Kraft Bags - 500 ct.



The Duro Bag 25# Shorty Kraft Bags - 500 ct. can help to make life easier. Whether you own a food service business or you could use these handy brown paper bags for other reasons such as arts and crafts with students, you can't afford to pass up this exceptional deal at your local Sam's Club store.

What Are Duro Bag 25# Shorty Kraft Bags?

The Duro bag is a strong and reliable brown paper bag that can be used in many different ways. They are the ideal solution for commercial use but can also be used at home for packing lunches or arts and crafts time with the kids.

These sturdy small kraft paper bags are designed to hold small to medium items without tearing or ripping. They feature a rectangular bottom that offers the stability to stand upright all on their own. The brown kraft bags also have a textured top edge it easier to open then and package for fast service at check out.

All Duro Bag brown kraft paper bags are made from 100% recycled paper that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

What Can Duro Bag 25# Shorty Kraft Bags Be Used For?

These small brown paper bags can be used in a number of ways around the home, at work or in the classroom. They are the ideal bagging solution for small to-go orders at restaurants or to bag small items at boutiques and gift shops. Duro paper bags are good choices for convenience stores, concession stands, pharmacies, coffee shops, restaurants, delis and pizzerias.

Buy Duro Bag 25# Shorty Kraft Bags Today at Your Local Sam's Club

You can pick up the 500-count package of Duro Paper Bags at your local Sam's Club Store. Sam's has a large selection of packaging available for the food service industry and other industries.

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