Dust-Off Pre-Moistened Monitor Cleaning Wipes - 80 ct.



You spend hours a day on your entertainment products. Whether you use your leisure time on your computer, laptop or smartphone, the Dust-Off® Pre-moistened Monitor Cleaning Wipes - 80 ct. will keep your products clean. You can put the cleaning gloves, sponge and spray away. Your large television screen doesn't need toxic cleaning products, it could just use some moist wipes to keep the dirt off.

Are the Dust Off Monitor Wipes Compatible with Newer Laptops?

Laptops keep getting thinner and rising in price. With each laptop looking fragile, you might be wary of using cleaning products that could produce water damage. These Dust-Off Pre-moistened Monitor Cleaning Wipes are perfectly moist to keep your laptop clean, without worrying about liquid seeping into the computer. Each anti-static wipe can keep your laptop screen free from dirt, grime and lint. They're safe and easy to use on all newer moderns of laptops, including your smartphone devices.

Can I Use These Anti-Static Wipes on Televisions?

Although television sets keep getting bigger, using the Dust-Off Pre-moistened Monitor Cleaning Wipes are perfectly safe and easy to use. The sheer size of television sets could be intimidating, maybe making you think you need a special cleaning product. You don't need to waste money on specialty cleaning products since the Dust-Off Anti-Static Monitor Wipes can clean all types of dirt. Each wipe is pre-moistened, avoiding the need to keep a bucket of water and hand gloves around.

Can I Use the Dust-Off Monitor Wipes on CRT Monitors?

This is the best screen cleaner for CRT monitors. Although CRT monitors are rarely produced, these screen wipes can be used to keep your large CRT monitor sparkling. Lots of people enjoy watching television, playing videos or enjoy the larger computer monitors due to their effectiveness. The monitors may not offer high-definition viewing, but they still work perfectly fine. If you're looking for a product to safely keep your monitor clean, these anti-static wipes clear all dust, lint and fingerprints right off.

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