Dust-Off - Special Application Duster, 10 oz Cans - 2/Pack



You will be astonished by the many ways you can put this Dust-Off® - Special Application Duster, 10 oz Cans - 2/Pack to use. Whether in the home, office, workshop, car or anywhere else a battery powered duster might help, this unique product can step in to the rescue.

What Makes This Package of Dust-Off Special Application Duster So Flexible?

These two canisters of Dust-Off Special Application Duster use compressed gas and specialized design to make them effective with traditional uses, such as blowing dust and lint away from a computer or other delicate gear. However, as an app duster, it has also been created for use in a setting where flammability may be an issue. The trigger also gives flexibility, and you can control the spray's power and intensity.

How Can This Dust-Off Application Duster Discourage Inhalant Abuse?

Unlike many other, similar products, this Dust-Off Special Application Duster product has a bitterant added to each canister. This makes it intolerable to inhale or breathe in any way.

Can This Be Used as an Insect Powder Duster or Powder Duster Applicator?

No, this is compressed air that is meant to specifically eliminate any built up materials, and especially those in tight spaces. That is why it comes with a slip-on extender and the trigger controls mentioned earlier. It does not dispense or disperse any agents, such as powders of any kind. It is a cleaning tool that can work far better than a traditional duster, and it is an ideal solution when a vacuum may not be a safe option.

Can the Canisters Be Refilled?

No, these are meant to be used until they are fully depressurized and emptied of their safe gas contents. Because they contain no harmful or dangerous agents, they can be disposed of in a regular trash can, but only if completely empty. They can also be recycled in many areas, but again, only if 100% empty.

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