Endust - Compressed Air Duster for Electronics, 10oz - 2 per Pack



Keep your electronics clean with the Endust® - Compressed Air Duster for Electronics, 10oz - 2 per Pack. This multi-purpose duster helps remove dirt and other materials from tight spaces. Great for all electronic products, especially monitors, keyboards and more.

How Does the Endust - Compressed Air Duster for Electronics Work?

Meant for keyboards, this multi-purpose duster is suitable for all electronics. Without risking harm to your expensive electronic items, hold the air duster a few inches away from the target cleaning area and press on top to release compressed air. The keyboard air duster can be used on all electronic surfaces that have tight spaces, allowing you to clean those stubborn edges and areas that are highly secured.

Can I Use the Endust - Compressed Air Duster for Electronics on Monitors?

Instead of using wet towels or harmful cleaning products to clean the edges of your monitor, this multi-purpose duster helps remove any small materials. When you use cleaning products with chemicals on your television or computer monitors, there's always a chance of the chemicals sticking around in the edges. Towels aren't reliable for cleaning inside edges, allowing dirt to accumulate. Besides, you don't want to risk water damaging expensive electronic products.

Is This Keyboard Air Duster Good for Laptops?

Laptops can be very fragile items. Companies are working to achieve a paper-thin laptop, making the cleaning process a bit nerve-wracking. You don't want to damage your laptop keyboard by using wet products, even though you aren't given the same amount of space as a regular computer keyboard. This multi-purpose duster is suitable for laptop keyboards that are tight on space. Simply hold at a distance and clean the spaces between your laptop keys, without having to worry about damaging any components of your computer. The process is much safer than using a towel that could break apart and reach inner parts of the computer, while also preventing moisture from seeping under the keys.

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