Ensueño Spring Fresh Fabric Softener (304.3 oz., 225 loads)



Experience the revolutionary freshness of Ensueño® Spring Fresh Fabric Softener (304.3 oz., 225 loads). Formulated with plant-based ingredients, this fabric softener features a hypoallergenic formula that protects the skin while adding softness to your clothes.

What is Ensueño Fabric Softener?

Ensueño Spring Fresh Fabric Softener is made by the AlEn® company, which focuses on practices that use natural resources in responsible ways. The liquid keeps your clothes feeling soft with every wash. Each use provides the Spring Fresh scent, which includes the smells of green apple, apricot and peach. The microencapsulation formula ensures freshness that's released by touch for more than 35 days after each wash. Ensueño fabric softener is color safe and HE compatible. It also reduces static cling and helps keep clothing soft, fluffy and free from roll up at the hems.

Is Ensueño Fresh Fabric Softener Safe?

Ensueño Spring Fresh Fabric Softener is formulated from plant-based ingredients that are gentle and safe. The hypoallergenic formula protects the skin from harsh chemicals, making it a good choice for those with sensitivities. This liquid fabric softener is made using processes that are sustainable and safer for the environment. Its biodegradable formula breaks down quickly and doesn't harm the environment.

Fabric Softener That Focuses on Sustainability

Each bottle of liquid fabric softener comes in 100-percent recycled plastic PET bottles. The makers of Ensueño recycle water and trash and help with cultivating forests with nearby landowners. They follow best practices during the extraction of pine oil for their products, protecting against harm to the trees during tapping. The AlEn company also assists with reforestation and works with non-profit organizations that promote the planting of trees. These practices paired with the biodegradable formula of Ensueño let you feel good about the products you're using for your family.

How Are Dryer Sheets and Softener Different?

While both types of softener essentially do the same thing, how they do it is where they differ. Liquid fabric softener goes in the washer and permeates the fibers of your clothing. Fabric softener sheets go in the dryer and feature a coating of stearic acid, which melts from the heat. This coating adds the fresh scent and helps with making clothes softer and free from static.

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