Fabuloso Passion of Fruits Multipurpose Cleaner (210 oz.)



Upgrade your cleaning game by using Fabuloso® Passion of Fruits® Multipurpose Cleaner (210 oz.), the all-purpose, incredibly aromatic cleanser that is perfect for use in residences and commercial spaces. This concentrated surface cleaner will leave areas sparkling clean and noticeably fragrant.

About Fabuloso Passion of Fruits Multipurpose Cleaner

This jug holds 210-ounces of Fabuloso multi-purpose cleaner and features a convenient handle and easy-pour design. Fabuloso is concentrated, so just mix it in a bucket with water and you're ready to go. It leaves behind no reside and there is no need to rinse surfaces after using. It's fantastic for cleaning floors, countertops, bathroom surfaces, cabinets and more. When the cleaning is done, its delightful passion fruit aroma will remain in the air for longer than other fragranced multipurpose cleaners.

Who Needs Fabuloso Passion Fruit Cleanser?

Anyone who likes to keep their home or workspace spin and span. This multitasking cleanser can tackle pretty much any surface without damage or leaving behind a filmy residue. It's popular in homes as well as for janitorial teams in buildings across the nation. Its fruity aroma is a pleasant change from many other multi-surface cleaners, too. Since there's a massive 210-ounce amount of Fabuloso, you'll be well stocked for ages to come.

Is Fabuloso Passion of Fruits Multipurpose Cleaner Easy to Use?

Yes! One of the best things about this cleanser is that it's easy for anyone to use. You can store it beneath the sink or in a closet and easily carry it with you where you need it thanks to its easy-grip handle. When you're ready to use Fabuloso passion fruit cleaner, simply pour the desired amount in a bucket and add the required amount of water per the bottle's instructions. Grab a mop when cleaning floors, or a sponge or rag when cleaning other surfaces. There's no need to rinse surfaces afterwards, just allow to dry and sit back and admire your handy work.

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