Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor Blade Cartridges (16 ct.)



Gillette® Fusion5™ Men's Razor Blade Cartridges (16 count) are the power 5 anti-friction blade razors that millions of men trust for daily use. The precision trimmer on the back will let you shave hard-to-reach areas such as your nose and sideburns and get a precise shave. Fusion5 Razor Blade Cartridges will feel brand new for longer and let you know when you are no longer getting your optimal shave. These Fusion5 Razor Blade Cartridges can last for up to one month of shaves. The comfort of 5 for the precision of 1. Formerly known as Fusion.

Why Use Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor Blade Cartridges?

Gillette Mach3 Men's Razor Blade Cartridges give you the precision of 5 blades reduces pressure on the blades to guarantee a perfect shave. The gel strip glides onto your skin to protect against irritability and fades to white so you know when it's time to replace the cartridge. Anti-friction blades ensure a smooth shave all month long. The precision trimmer ensures that all hard to reach areas are not missed and allows for styling facial hair. Ultra-soft skin guards, consisting of 15 flexible Microfins™, smooth the skin before the blades touch your hair, guaranteeing a close, comfortable shave.

Will Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor Blade Cartridges Fit Any Razor?

Gillette Fusion5 Men's Razor Blade Cartridges fit Fusion5 and Fusion5 Power handles only. These cartridges are not compatible with any other razor handles.

How to Use Gillette Fusion Men's Razor Blade Cartridges?

You can attach the new cartridge to any Fusion5 or Fusion5 Power handle. Apply Fusion5 ProGlide Sensitive Shave Gel or another favorite shaving gel or cream before shaving. Replace with the lubrication strip fades to white.


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