Gillette SkinGuard Power Men's Razor Handle + 13 Blade Refills



SkinGuard razor blade refills are designed to help stop skin irritation by minimizing blade contact with sensitive skin. Your shave will have the right blend of closeness to avoid potential irritations you may have experienced from other razors. This may be a bit different from the Gillette shave you've experienced in the past, but you will still get a great shave that helps stop irritation and razor bumps. A unique SkinGuard is positioned between the blades to smooth and protect your skin from the blades. The SkinGuard minimizes tug and pull and cuts hair at skin level, not below, to help prevent irritation. Lubrication before and after the blade shields your skin from irritation while you shave. The SkinGuard Power handle provides soothing micro vibrations which help reduce friction and increase glide. 

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