Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit (6 oz. kit, 36 ct.)



The Gold Medal® Mega Pop® Popcorn Kit (6 oz. kit, 36 ct.) is ideal for use with any 6-oz. popcorn machine. Simply cut open the pouch and pour the ingredients into your popcorn kettle. It's that easy. Each kit is pre-measured to give you just the right amount of perfect theater-style popcorn in every batch.

Is Popcorn Healthy?

Gold Medal popcorn actually counts as a whole grain snack, because you're consuming all three parts of the grain. The germ, or seed part, contains healthy natural oils, vitamin E, protein, several B vitamins and minerals. The outside, called the bran, holds most of the fiber as well as B vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants. The endosperm, which creates that soft, white part is primarily made of starch, though it does have some protein and fiber, so you can feel good about snacking with the Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit.

Is Gold Medal Popcorn Dairy-Free or Gluten-Free?

The butter flavoring in the Gold Medal Mega Pop Popcorn Kit is absolutely dairy-free. While gluten is a protein found in other whole-grain foods like barley, wheat, rye and triticale, it isn't actually found in corn, so it's a great snack option for those on a gluten-free diet.

About Gold Medal

The third generation of the founding family is leading the company with the fourth generation employed there as well. From their humble beginnings, they have grown to over 500 employees. They've been at the forefront of innovations in the industry, creating new products, improving processes and above all, catering to the needs of their customers. Whether you're new to Gold Medal or a returning loyal customer, they help you get the most out of your snack and concession business. Gold Medal is proud to be trusted as the industry's leading concession equipment supplier and manufacturer, and they are committed to continuing to earn your trust by providing the top quality service, products and support that has been their hallmark since 1931. Gold Medal will keep making history, now and in the future, so you can count on them to deliver snacks as always.

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