Hampton Farms Unsalted In-Shell Peanuts (5lbs)



Hampton Farms Unsalted In-Shell Peanuts are deliciously roasted and a heart-healthy snack!

Who Is Hampton Farms?

Hampton Farms is the leader of roasted in-shell peanuts in the country. Based in Severn, North Carolina, their company is true to the vision of their founders. They are committed to producing the finest peanut-based snacks and services with the utmost integrity and honesty of American farmers. They produce a variety of products from raw in-shell peanuts to nut butters. For many generations, their farmers have been carefully cultivating the fields and tending to each crop. From peanut seeds to the shelf, they create a tradition of quality that you can see, taste and smell.

Why Choose Hampton Farms Unsalted In-Shell Peanuts?

For salt-free consumers, these peanuts are roasted in the shell, with no salt added. Peanuts are a heart-healthy snack and you will taste the unbelievably good freshness in each one. These peanuts are 100% USA grown. Each bag also makes a great high-protein snack with 7g of protein per 10-oz. sack. These peanuts even contain 30 vitamins and minerals that make a great addition to a healthy diet. Not to mention this vegan snack is also gluten-free, cholesterol-free and non-GMO.

Hampton Farms Unsalted In-Shell Peanuts Quality

Hampton Farms peanuts taste the very best because they continually roast to ensure you always get a fresh and deliciously perfect peanut—delivering that unique, fresh-roasted peanut crunch every time. Bring these peanuts to community festivals, to ballparks, to backyard barbecues and more. Hampton Farms nuts are a great snack for sharing and eating guilt-free anytime, anywhere. Whether you are planning to enjoy them yourself or give them as a gift, the peanuts are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. You will feel great giving both a tasty and nutritious treat to your loved ones.

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