Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky (3.25 oz., 4 ct.)



Jack Link's™ Original Beef Jerky is made with bold, savory flavors and hardwood smoked with a hint of garlic. The best jerky delivers an extra tender, rich and tasty snack packed with protein—perfect for any time and any place.

Are You Hungry?

Nothing satisfies a rumbling stomach like the bold smoky flavor of Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky. And lucky for you, the portable pouches can be carried at all times. Whenever hunger strikes, you'll have some delicious jerky on hand.

At Home or On The Go

The high amounts of protein make this jerky the perfect snack for anyone who is active and on the go, or someone enjoying a relaxing day at home. Tear into that bag of jerky while you catch up on your latest TV show, or after an intense workout. Whatever suits you best!

Not Just for the Bold

Jack Link's Original Jerky is not just for the bold. Anyone with a healthy mindset will smile when they read the nutritional facts on this Jack Link's jerky. This original jerky is 96% fat free and contains only 80 calories per serving, so healthy eaters can obtain peace of mind when they rip into a package of this tasty, nutritional jerky.

Stocking Your Shelves?

Coming in packs of four, this jerky is perfect for resale in convenience stores, concessions, and vending machines. Each package is a lightweight 3.25 ounces, making it easy to stock up while being perfect for customers looking for an accessible snack while they're on the go. Jack Link's jerky always catches a customer's eye and makes for an easy sell for any store owner.

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