Masqueology Under Eye Gel Mask Set (12 ct.)



Rely on the soothing power of rose, gold and collagen in this Masqueology under-eye gel mask set to fight back against the signs of aging and fatigue. Featuring six sets each of rose gold and gold gel masks, the set offers an ample supply for your beauty cabinet.

The gold under-eye masks in this Masqueology mask set are formulated with 24K gold and hydrolyzed collagen to hydrate, tighten and help bring back the skin's natural elasticity. Formatted to treat the delicate skin underneath your eyes, these gentle masks don't irritate and provide a quick 20-minute treatment that you can do at home.

Even your skin tone and decrease the effects of sun exposure with the rose gold masks in this set. Rose extract joins with the gold and collagen ingredients to treat your skin with extra moisture and aging defense for a brighter look.

Earth-Friendly Beauty

Keep up with your sustainable sensibilities with the recycled packaging of this Masqueology under-eye mask set. The mindful pouches help lessen your impact as you lessen the look of lines and dark circles.

Timely Treatments

Apply the masks in this Masqueology under-eye mask set up to four times a week for best results. The small gold masks are easy to apply and leave behind light hydrogel that you can gently pat into your skin for enhanced results.

Is this sheet mask set eco-friendly?

The packaging for this Masqueology under-eye gel mask set is recyclable for a sustainable solution to your beauty care needs.

Can these masks be used daily?

Apply these Masqueology under-eye gel masks up to four times a week for a refreshed, wide-awake look.

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