Member's Mark Chocolate Almonds (48oz)



Member's Mark™ Chocolate Almonds are a snack unlike any other. It all starts with a California almond that is roasted not once, but twice! Then they're dipped to perfection in a smooth, milk chocolate. From there, they're carefully packaged and sent to your local Sam's Club® where it will find its way into your home. Its creamy and chocolaty exterior mixed with its crunchy interior makes this a snack you'll never want to end!

Do You Struggle to Find Quality Snacks?

Not all snacks are created equal. Finding the right balance of sweet and salty was mastered by Member's Mark and executed flawlessly in these chocolate almonds. These almonds are a great way to fuel your body on the go or  as a treat at the end of the day. Just a handful of these Member's Mark Chocolate Almonds will provide your body with the energy it needs to conquer the day.

Exclusively Made

Member's Mark prides itself on providing you with top quality products like these at prices you'll love. They take great pleasure in producing everyday items that enhance your life. Even something as simple as turning an almond into the ultimate chocolaty snack was done with great pride! These Member's Mark Chocolate Almonds were made exclusively for you by people who care. And, as the name suggests, they are exclusive to Sam's Club and their members.

Is Your Snack Worth Sharing?

Do you often get asked to share your snack? Do your co-workers look on in envy? It's time, then, to sink your teeth into this delightfully crunchy treat. With just one bite, you'll be ready to your snacks up a level. Good news! The high-quantity packaging of these will leave you with plenty of time to savor this delicious treat. Make sure to grab a few extras and share with your friends and neighbors.

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