Member's Mark Commercial Shop Towels (100ct.)



Tackle tough cleaning jobs without wasting paper products by using Member's Mark™ Commercial Shop Towels (100ct.). These handy towels can be washed and reused and are made with an ultra-durable cotton blend that will prove indispensable.

About Member's Mark Commercial Shop Towels

This pack comes with 100 ultra-sturdy multipurpose shop towels that made with a blend of prewashed cotton and can be reused as often as you like. Each towel measures in at 12” by 14” and is designed to meet the needs of various demanding professions. These shop towels can be washed and reused, which makes them economical and ecofriendly, since they eliminate the need for wasting paper towels and like products.

Who Needs These Shop Towels?

Anyone whose work is a bit messy and who works with their hands. Shop towels are staples in the plumbing and the automotive repair industry, as well as other mechanical and industrial trades. They can easily wipe up grease, grime and dirt. When you’re done, toss them away or wash and reuse multiple times. These are also a wonderful addition to any household, as they make tasks like dusting surfaces, wiping floors and cleaning windows easy and save your paper towels in the process.

What Can Member's Mark Commercial Shop Towels Do?

Shop towels can do anything paper towels can but are often the most economical and environmentally friendly option. Here are some ideas for using shop cloths around the home:

  • Keep them handy in your home for cleaning inside and out. Besides for traditional cleaning purposes, these cloths are great for washing the car, cleaning deck furniture and other weekend tasks.
  • Giving the kitchen a new paint job? Use these shop cloths to help clean paint brushes and prevent them from getting caked with dry paint.
  • Throwing a birthday party for your child? Keep these rags handy at all times. Maybe you have some games planned or mounds of cake to serve. No matter what your party plans may be, kids + party = plenty of chances to need a shop cloth or two!

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