Member's Mark Dried Mediterranean Apricots (26 oz.)



Make life a little sweeter with Member's Mark™ Dried Mediterranean Apricots (26 oz.). These dried apricots provide you with the sweetest, most delicious organic dried fruit for any time, anywhere.

Where Are These Dried Apricots Sourced From?

Member's Mark Dried Mediterranean Apricots are hand-sourced from the finest growing areas along the Mediterranean. These dried organic apricots are imported from Turkey and straight into your hands.

Is This A Healthy Snack?

These organic dried apricots are a fat-free healthy snack that packs sweet and tangy flavor without harming your waistline. To add to the 0 grams of total fat, Member's Mark Dried Mediterranean Apricots contain 0 mg of cholesterol, only 1% of your daily sodium value and a low carbohydrate daily value of 9%. Also, these dried apricots contain healthy amounts of potassium, which is clinically proven to improve your health in a variety of ways. 

Perfect For The Active Snacker

With all of those potassium benefits packed into these delicious, dried apricots, this is a perfect snack for the active snacker. Whether you hike, run, walk or participate in games of pick-up basketball, Member's Mark Dried Mediterranean Apricots offer you a healthy snack to boost your energy before your activity or to help you recover after a grueling workout. In either case, these organic Turkish apricots come in convenient packaging that you can take with you whenever you're on the go. Simply pop the bag open when you're in the mood for sweet, healthy snacking, then use its resealable function to close it right back up and maintain the fresh flavor of those dried apricots. And with 18 servings per container, these organic apricots should last you for a while.


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