Member's Mark Liquid Dishwashing Soap (100 oz.)



Member's Mark™ Liquid Dishwashing Soap is great for restaurants and cafeterias. Made with a quick soak, stain removing formula, it makes dishwashing fast and easy. Commercial strength, it will clean dishes, flatware pots and pans. This soap is for handwashing dishes only and is not suitable for automatic dishwashing machines.

What is the Quick-Soak Formula?

No need to soak pots and pans overnight when you use this dishwashing liquid. Its quick-soak and stain removal formula breaks up grease, gets rid of residue and dissolves burnt on food really fast.

Clean, Fresh Scent

Everyone will appreciate the fresh scent of Member's Mark Liquid Dishwashing Soap. It will give your kitchen a really clean smell without a strong, perfume fragrance.

100-Ounce Bottle

With 100 ounces, Member's Mark Liquid Dishwashing Soap is perfect for commercial kitchens. Along with washing dishes, mix a few drops of this soap with warm water in a spray bottle to create a multi-purpose cleaner for appliances, countertops and kitchen walls. Value size and able to clean lots of dishes and more, it is also a great buy for churches, daycare centers and large families.

Is it Sudsy?

You'll enjoy washing dishes with Member's Mark Liquid Dishwashing Soap because of its long-lasting suds. In addition to feeling good to your hands, the suds will help to cut through stubborn grease and ensure a sparkling clean with each wash.

Squeeze Bottle and Pop-Up Top

Great for busy kitchens, it requires only an easy squeeze to release the dishwashing soap into the water. Pull up the top to open, and simply push it back down to securely close.

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