Metamucil Orange Fiber Supplement, Smooth Powder (260 doses)



Get a refreshing boost to your overall health, from the inside, with Metamucil® Orange Fiber Supplement, Smooth Powder (260 doses). Metamucil is the only leading fiber powder that contains 100% natural psyllium fiber, to offer multiple benefits for your body.

How Can This Fiber Supplement Keep Me Regular?

Metamucil Orange Fiber Supplement, Smooth Powder offers 2.4 grams of soluble fiber, from psyllium husk, per one adult serving. With plenty of water, this soluble smooth powder will help to keep your intestines healthy, and moving.

What Does This Supplement Taste Like?

Once the powder has been stirred thoroughly into a glass of cold water, you'll find the vibrant orange taste to be refreshing and friendly to your taste buds. The real sugar used in this fiber supplement powder offers the natural sweetness you're looking for, without any of the aftertastes artificial sweeteners can bring.

How Can This Fiber Supplement Keep Me Feeling Full?

The psyllium fiber in the Metamucil Orange Fiber Supplement, Smooth Powder absorbs water in your intestines and travels slowly through your digestive system. This can help to keep you feeling full between meals, which may help with weight loss and the promotion of a healthy eating lifestyle. You are less likely to binge on unhealthy choices if you feel fuller for longer.

Can Metamucil Orange Help My Cholesterol?

Studies have demonstrated that a diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol, that include up to 7 grams of soluble fiber each day, may see a reduction in risk of developing heart disease. The 2.4 grams of soluble fiber included in each adult serving of Metamucil Orange can help to lower cholesterol, and thus reduce the risks of heart disease. Psyllium fiber helps to reduce the absorption of the cholesterol that's present in the foods you eat.

Can I Lower My Blood Sugar Levels with This Fiber Supplement?

Studies have shown that the best fiber supplement includes ample psyllium fiber. As a part of a healthy diet, this soluble fiber can offer benefits for those living with diabetes. Soluble fibers slow down the digestion and absorption of the glucose in your diet. This can help to have an impact on your blood sugar levels and your overall sensitivity to insulin.

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