Monster Pop! Cheese and Butter Kids Popcorn Snack Pack (28pk)



Monster Pop! is a new popcorn snack created for kids. When kids munch our popcorn, each kernel they eat, is a healthy and natural, gluten-free treat. No high-fructose corn-syrup, all whole grain. Nothing fake. Delicious nutrition in each handful they take.

What's In The Box?

This box contains 28 individual snack packs of the top flavors of Monster Pop! There are 14 packs (0.75 ounce) of Cheeseriffic Cheese and 14 packs (0.5 ounce) of Big-Time Butter. Each pack is filled with non-GMO popcorn popped to perfection and then seasoned with real, easy to read ingredients. We even tested the seasoning level with kids and their unique taste buds!

Can I Feel Good About Giving This To My Kids?

Monster Pop popcorn is a healthy and tasty snack with fun flavors and Monsters kids love! Popcorn is a natural whole grain and makes a perfect light and crunchy base that fills you up without all of the added fillers. We use only real, natural ingredients to pop and season Monster Pop! popcorn. When you turn over the pack to read the ingredients, we want you to feel good about what you are giving your own Little Monsters!

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