OdoBan Commercial Fogmaster Jr.



The OdoBan® Commercial Fogmaster® Jr. is built for small jobs. It's great for deodorizing rooms and much more.

Why Use the OdoBan Commercial Fogmaster Jr.?

Made with corrosion-resistant materials, the Fogmaster Jr. 5330 is designed for ease of use when you don't need a larger machine. It comes with a standard 1-quart tank that makes it lightweight. Use this fogger with a masking, a bacterial, an enzymatic or a chemical counteractant deodorant. It can even be utilized with sanitizers, with water to mist plants, pesticides and for aromatherapy. The Fogmaster Jr. is simple to set up by just twisting off the power head, detaching the tank and adding in your solution. It also features an adjustable rotary valve to position it to the droplet size you want.

Where can I Use the OdoBan Commercial Fogmaster Jr.?

The OdoBan Fogmaster Jr. is ideal for use in an array of commercial spaces. It's terrific for controlling smells in vehicles, motels and hotels, restrooms and gyms. This Fogmaster fogger can be used in beauty salons, schools, nursing homes and churches.


For sanitizing, the Fogmaster Jr. 5330 can be used to spray on disinfectants and sanitizers. Use it in food processing plants and on pharmaceutical packaging. In healthcare facilities once are room has been cleaned, this Fogmaster fogger can be utilized for killing germs. It can even be utilized during mold remediation.

Odor Control

Use deodorants and odor neutralizers in the Fogmaster Jr. to get pet smells out of kennels or the smell of smoke out of hotel rooms.

Pest Control

The OdoBan Fogmaster Jr. is even terrific for insecticides and fumigants. Use it in warehouses, offices, barns, on patios and other areas for controlling pests, such as roaches, flies and silverfish.


This fogger can be utilized to apply soap and feeding solutions to gardens. It's can be used to control the humidity in small greenhouses. This machine is also terrific for misting interior foliage.

Other Uses

The Fogmaster Jr. is wonderful for car detailing. It can be used to apply waxes, lubricants and preservatives. This fogger can even be utilized for softening leather, as well as disaster and fire restoration.

Simple Maintenance

The OdoBan Fogmaster Jr. requires little maintenance. Just keep it clean along with the air filter. It's recommended that you drain and rinse out the tank after each use, as well as run the fogger head for a few minutes to clear out any remaining liquids from the internal lines.

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