O'Keeffe's 3-Piece Variety Set (3 oz., 3 ct.)



Get relief from chronically dry skin with this O'Keeffe's three-piece variety set. The powerful formulas are clinically proven to moisturize and relieve severely dry skin. Apply O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet cream to dry, calloused feet, use O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream to treat cracked hands and rub the O'Keeffe's Skin Repair body lotion on your legs and torso to boost the moisture levels in your skin and relieve dryness-related discomfort.

The lotions in this O'Keeffe's three-piece variety set are unscented and non-greasy so you can treat dryness without unwanted odors or residue. Each product creates a protective barrier on your skin after application, keeping your skin soft and smooth.

All Skin Types

Made with powerful but gentle ingredients, this O'Keeffe's three-piece variety set is ideal for all skin types. Use these three products to treat dryness, moisturize your skin and keep your hands and feet healthy.


Hypoallergenic and safe for diabetic use, this O'Keefee's three-piece variety set delivers a mindful way to care for your skin.. Keep them on your countertop for after-shower moisturizing.

Is this set ideal for all skin types?

The gentle formulas in this O'Keeffe's three-piece variety set are safe for people with diabetes and ideal for all skin types.

Is this set hypoallergenic?

All three of the products in this O'Keeffe's three-piece variety set are hypoallergenic.

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