Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Value Pack (13.25 oz.)



Palmer's® Cocoa Butter Formula Value Pack (13.25 oz.) contains vitamin E to help soothe and soften rough, scaly skin.

Why Choose Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Value Pack?

Palmer's Cocoa Butter's main ingredient is chosen with care. Cocoa butter has been the core ingredient for the last 40 years, and Palmer's buys over 265,000 pounds of cocoa butter annually. They call it nature's super ingredient because of its superior healing properties and its ability to help skin retain moisture. These results are amplified with the added healing properties of vitamin E. Palmer's is dedicated to looking after your skin, so they source the rawest and highest quality Cocoa Butter from Ghana. Here, the finest cocoa beans in the world are found. Palmer's Cocoa Butter uses raw cocoa butter from ethically and sustainably sourced beans. Palmer's is a proud member of the World Cocoa Foundation, which supports sustainable farming.

What Are the Skin Benefits in Choose Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Value Pack?

Cocoa Beans are abundant in nutrients like polyphenols, flavonoids and vitamin E. Antioxidants remain in cocoa butter even after it is separated from the beans' solid cover. This means cocoa beans are beneficial for lowering inflammation and improving the health of your skin. These antioxidants also help to improve the overall skin tone and increase elasticity which can help the appearance of stretch marks. Cocoa mass polyphenols and cocoa butter on the skin have been proven in numerous studies to aid in positive support and healing of the skin. Studies showed a positive effect on skin structure and collagen production.

Does Choose Palmer's Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E Help with Eczema and Other Skin Conditions?

Yes. Cocoa beans contain cocoa mass polyphenols these antioxidants help stop the production of antibodies found in the skin that cause the body to react against certain substances and chemicals. This property of Palmer's cocoa butter formula means it is ideal for skin conditions such as dry skin, rashes and eczema.

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