Planters NUT-rition Heart Healthy Nut Mix (1.5 oz. Pouches, 12 ct.)



PLANTERS® NUT-rition Heart Healthy Mix is the perfect snack when you are on a heart-healthy diet. Finding foods good for the heart is not always easy or convenient. This convenient 12-pack of Planters mixed nuts is perfect for the health-conscious consumer that is on the go.

What is in the Package?

This multi-pack of Planters mixed nuts contains 12 individually wrapped packages of mixed nuts. Each package contains a well-distributed mix of peanuts, almonds, pistachios, pecans, and hazelnuts—which are also known as filberts. These heart-healthy foods are nutritious, good for your heart, and may reduce the risk of heart disease. Planters mixed nuts contain no trans fat or cholesterol and have four grams of dietary fiber in each serving.

Can the Individual Packages of PlantersS Mixed Nuts be Resold?

These heart-healthy diet suitable snacks are packaged for individual resale and are ideal for fundraisers. They also make a great snack to hand out at marathons and sporting events to give patrons a little boost when needed. Not only are these individual packages marked for resale, but they are also accompanied by a display tray to make selling them even easier. Planters mixed nuts are low in sodium, cholesterol free, and kosher, too.

Your Health Matters

Busy schedules don't always allow for the healthiest diets. It can be a real challenge to eat healthy foods especially when snacking. That is why Planters mixed nuts are ideal for heart-healthy consumers. The convenient packaging of Planters nuts makes them easy to take with you and scientific evidence suggests that combining 1.5 oz. per day of most nuts with a low-saturated fat and low-cholesterol diet may make heart disease less likely. So, watch your caloric intake and count on Planters NUT-rition Heart Healthy Mix as your go-to, heart-healthy snack.

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