Planters Snack Nuts Variety Pack (1.75 oz. Pouches, 24 ct.)



Planters Nut Variety Pack offers a slew of sweet, savory and crunchy snacks that can satisfy any hunger. These delicious individually sized flavored nuts are filled with flavor and protein and are a popular staple in homes and stores across the country.

What Comes in This Variety Pack?

This box contains 24 individually sized pouches of nuts with three flavors: six packets of Salted Cashews, 12 packets of Salted Peanuts and six packets of Honey Roasted Peanuts. Each Planters Nuts variety pack offers an excellent amount of protein and is the delicious way to enjoy crunchy seasoned nuts.

Who Makes These Tasty Nut Snacks?

These tasty nuts are harvested, seasoned and distributed by Planters, a division of Kraft foods. For more than 100 years, the Planters company has freshly roasted peanuts and distributed them for snacking across the nation. The Planters name is synonymous with nuts, and everyone recognizes the Mr. Peanut character from all of Planters packaging and advertisements.

Who Loves Planters 24 Variety Pack?

Anyone who loves perfectly seasoned, delectably satisfying crunchy snacks. Planters nuts are known for being high in protein and low in carbohydrate, making them the perfect snack fuel for those who follow diet plans, like fruit and nut diets and enjoy a vigorous fitness routine. Planters Nuts Variety Packs are also loved by children who enjoy the simple flavors of salted peanuts and cashews and the sweet classic, honey-roasted peanuts.

How to Best Enjoy This Planters Nuts Variety Pack

There are so many ways to enjoy these tasty Planters 24 variety pack, as they're great for both daily snacking as well as for special occasions. Kick back with a game on the TV or at a local ballpark with a bag or two and have an awesome afternoon. Many adults also love to munch of salty peanuts and cashews while kicking back with a beer or two. Have unexpected guests and need to serve a snack in a pinch? Pour a bag of each flavor in a bowl and serve for a sweet and salty snack experience your visitors will love. They're also wonderful in lunchboxes and can be resold in vending machines and convenience stores.

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