Reynolds Wrap 12" Aluminum Foil, 250 sq. ft (2 ct.)



Reynolds Wrap® 12" Aluminum Foil has a long history of being the ideal solution for storing food. It is easy to rip, easy to use and easy to store.

What Are Some Uses for Reynolds Wrap?

Reynolds Wrap 12" aluminum foil is great for keeping foods fresh in a number of situations. When you finish up a meal, you can quickly wrap the leftovers and put them in the fridge. If something needs to be frozen, you can use this versatile kitchen foil to prevent freezer burn and toss it in the freezer. Spread some on the bottom of pans before baking. Grab one of the aluminum foil squares to put over a spattering pan during frying. In sizes as large as 250 square feet, there is plenty of wrap to go around.

Can it Be Used for Things Other Than Cooking?

Definitely. Children enjoy building houses with this helpful aluminum foil. It can be used to make fake swords for the reenactment of ancient battle scenes, or cut out into cool shapes for a young work of art.

Using Reynolds Wrap for Wine

One of the most underestimated uses of Reynolds Wrap is as a way to cover up a bottle of wine. We've all been there. The evening comes to a close, and there's a bottle of wine that's not yet finished. The cork is nowhere to be found. A perfectly good bottle of wine is about to go spoiled. Grab some Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil and use it to form a cork for the wine. Because it is so easily shaped, it will fit the contour of the bottle perfectly, creating enough of a seal to keep the air out and the flavor in.

The Convenience of a Stay-Closed Tab

Even the packaging holding Reynolds Wrap 12" Aluminum Foil has its conveniences. It has a stay-closed tab that keeps it shut when you're done using it. This way, the wrap won't unexpectedly tumble out onto the floor. It stays neatly arranged and ready for its next use. Reynolds Wrap is a great solution to making sure your fresh food stays fresh and ready to enjoy.

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