Reynolds Wrap 18" Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, 150 sq. ft (2 ct.)



Reynolds Wrap 18" Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, 150 sq. ft (2 ct.) is designed to give you that little extra strength you need from aluminum foil.

How Can it Be Used With Meals?

When you need to line a pan, for instance, this is where this extra tough foil comes in handy. Reynolds Wrap 18" Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil holds up to the kind of abuse other foils cannot handle and is therefore a great solution for doing the tougher jobs. You can line a pan or a dish with something you need to store later on. After you and your loved ones finish eating, there's no need to take the leftovers out and put them into something else. Just take the edges and fold them in to wrap the food up. Take it out, put it in the refrigerator, and you're done. That is just one of the man benefits of Reynolds heavy duty foil.

Are it Good for Food Service Professionals?

Definitely, yes. Food service professionals will find commercial grade aluminum foil to be just the thing they need. In addition to storing foods and ingredients, the foil can be used to create a complete seal for things that need to be shielded from the air.

Can Reynolds Wrap be Used on the Grill?

A barbeque is made easier and more convenient with Reynolds Wrap 18" Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, 150 sq. ft. You can use the the foil to wrap it around the grate of the grill to keep all of the sticky fats from adhering to the metal. This comes in handy particularly when it's time to clean things up. You just take the foil off the grill, toss it in the trash, and continue on with your day. In addition, you can use it to transport food from the grill to inside the house by using the edges of this tough, heavy duty foil like handles. Other foils may not have the strength, but Reynolds Wrap does. It is also an option to wrap up meats and veggies that have already finished cooking in order to keep them warm while others finish up.

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