Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Veggies Variety Pack (0.54 oz., 20 ct.)



Satisfy your snack cravings with two delicious 100% veggie crunch dried snacks: Roasted Edamame and Sweet Corn. Both offer a burst of flavor that will satisfy your taste buds. Crunch dried uses only the highest quality, fresh edamame beans, lightly sprinkled with salt, then roasted perfectly to ensure a delightful snacking experience. The roasting process retains nutritional value, while locking in nature's true flavors. The highest quality corn is piked at the peak of ripeness, dusted with sea salt, then crunch dried to ensure a delightful snacking experience. Their unique freeze-drying process retains the nutritional value, while locking in the full flavor and natural sweetness. Light and crunchy kernels of delicious corn and roasted edamame bites are packed in this fresh-seal bag for a perfectly amazing, on-the-go snack anytime, anywhere. Snack sensibly.

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