Slim Jim Monster Original (18 ct.)



Slim Jim® Monster Original allows you to enjoy that satisfying meat flavor almost anywhere. One order brings you 18 sticks, which makes it easy to share with a friend.

What’s in this Pack of Slim Jim Monster Original?

This assortment consists of 18 delicious Slim Jim sticks that will alleviate hunger fast. Made with a blend of spicy beef, pork, and chicken, this may become a favorite in your household.

Individually wrapped in plastic, Slim Jim is easy to pack in a bag. Eating one at work, the library, or the gym can help you refuel and refocus, allowing you to get through the day. Choose a Slim Jim if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to curb cravings.

Who Makes Slim Jim Monster Original?

This pack of Slim Jim comes from Conagra Brands, Inc., which is a North American company that specializes in producing packaged foods.  As a company, it’s committed to selling the highest quality items at an affordable price.

What Can I Do with Slim Jim Monster Original?

While you can enjoy eating your Slim Jim plain, you can use it to create tasty recipes, too. If you feel like experimenting, chop your Slim Jim up into tiny pieces and use the pieces as topping for your favorite dishes. Toss these pieces on your salad, pizza, eggs, grits, and tacos to enhance the taste and give it more protein. Many people also enjoy combining small bits of Slim Jim with nuts and raisins to create a trail mix.

Does Slim Jim Offer Nutritional Benefits?

Although they’re flavorful, these Slim Jim sticks can offer potential health benefits as well. According to experts, the human body needs protein. Protein helps the body repair vital tissue and generates essential hormones and enzymes. Fortunately for you, one Slim Jim stick contains 11 grams of protein, which can help you reach your daily nutritional requirement.

Display Box Makes Sharing Easy

With multiple Slim Jim sticks in one box, this is great for distributing treats to a crowd. This large pack can also help restock the inventory in convenience stores and concession stands. Additionally, these Slim Jim sticks come in a convenient display box, which makes each stick easily accessible for everyone. If you’d like to feed your guests, putting this box out allows everyone to grab their own.

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