Tide Total Clean Liquid Laundry Detergent Eco-Box, HE Compatible, Fresh Linen (132 fl. oz., 88 loads)



Tide Total Clean eco-box it’s the same great Tide Total Clean liquid laundry detergent but in a smarter package. It contains 4-in-1 technology that removes stains and odors, whitens whites, and brighten colors.

It’s compressed into a shipping-safe package that features a no-drip twist tap, minimizing leaks and spills. There’s also a ramp built within the packaging to make sure you can use every drop of detergent.

To assemble Tide eco-box detergent, simply pull the tab on the side of the pack to reveal the tap and dosing cup.

More importantly, it’s easy to use! Just twist the blue knob counterclockwise to dispense the desired amount. Make sure to twist slowly so the detergent doesn’t come out too quickly.

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