TRESemme Hair Spray, Extra Firm Control (14.6 oz., 2 pk.)



TRESemmé® Hair Spray, Extra Firm Control (14.6 oz., 2 pk.) offers your hair the grip and control you need for beautiful style all day.

Is This TRESemmé Spray Water-Free?

Yes, TRESemmé Hair Spray, Extra Firm Control offers you a hair product that's produced with a water-free formula. TRESemmé's water-free formula allows you firm control of your hair without any stiff or sticky side effects that often coincide with a water-containing hair spray. This TRESemmé hair spray goes on dry to offer you soft, flexible hair all day long.

Is It Humidity Resistant?

TRESemmé Hair Spray, Extra Firm Control is humidity resistant. A humidity resistant hair spray prevents excess frizz to keep your hairstyle how you like it. No more worries on a wet, rainy day: humidity resistant TRESemmé spray offers you peace of mind about your hair staying intact. The formula for this hair spray makes it a go to spray for your hair for any season. Whatever the weather, TRESemmé Hair Spray, Extra Firm Control keeps your hair in control.

How To Apply The Spray

When applying your TRESemmé Hair Spray, Extra Firm Control, you want to spray it about 10 to 12 inches away from your hair. Spray your hair section by section, to ensure the spray covers all of your hair and let the spray's extra firm control take a hold.

1 Package, 2 Sprays

This package of TRESemmé hair spray offers two, 14.6 ounce hair spray bottles. With an updated design, these bottles are now in a larger size than before.

Maximum Fly Away Control

TRESemmé hair spray offers your hair maximum fly away control. On those windy days where you fear for your hair, this TRESemmé hair product can make you confident when you step outside.

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