Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets, 500 Mg (50 ct., 2 pk.)



TYLENOL Extra Strength Caplets, 500 Mg (50 ct., 2 pk.) provide fast relief from headaches, backaches, arthritis and more with the pain reliever recommended by doctors. Tylenol extra strength caplets contain no Aspirin; Acetaminophen is the main ingredient that provides pain relief. This Tylenol extra strength multi-pack contains 50 pouches, each of which contains two caplets. This is the recommended adult dose for pain relief and the convenient package makes the product portable and handy to slip into a pocket for later use.

Do You Have Frequent Aches and Pains?

For many consumers, daily pain is a reality. A lifetime of work is hard on a body and when your body aches, you want relief. Prescription drugs usually come with a litany of side-effects and concerns with prolonged use. Tylenol extra strength relieves minor aches and pains quickly and effectively and is recommended by doctors. TYLENOL Extra Strength Caplets are also commonly used to reduce fevers, toothaches, cramps associated with pre-menstrual cramps and back and headaches.

Why Suffer?

TYLENOL Extra Strength Caplets are an easy, convenient and readily available cure for many pain-related maladies. Few things are more irritating than having an ache or pain and not having a Tylenol extra strength dosage handy for immediate relief. Portable Tylenol strength is provided by this handy box of fifty individual two caplet packages. Throw a few in your vehicle's glove box, slip a handful into your lunchbox or keep a dozen packs or so in your desk at work. Not only will you never have to suffer life's aches and pains, but you can be the savior of your co-workers when they are similarly afflicted.

Quality Matters.

Taking over-the-counter drugs is a luxury that many have grown accustomed to. Truly, they have become so commonplace that few think about safety. Unfortunately, all over-the-counter medications are not created equally. Tylenol strength comes with the assurance of stringent manufacturing processes and standards. You can take Tylenol extra strength caplets and provide them to your family with confidence knowing that the drug is safe and effective.

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