Utz Cheese Balls (35 oz.)



Utz Cheese Balls allow you to enjoy a cheesy, crunchy, light, and fluffy snack anytime you wish. These cheese balls are made from original cheese for a real, authentic taste. Simply pop a handful into your mouth whenever a craving for a salty snack hits. This pack is large enough to last a long time and can be shared with family and friends.

What Makes Utz Cheese Balls a Standout Snack?

Utz cheese balls are made with real cheese and other ingredients that undergo a minimal amount of processing. Cleanliness and simplicity are at the core of the brand’s production, which helps give them a fresh flavor and bring out the real taste of cheese. These cheese balls don’t contain any partially hydrogenated fats, making them a healthier alternative to some other snacks. They’re also gluten free, so people with food sensitivities can enjoy them too.

What Time is Best for Enjoying Utz Cheese Balls?

Anytime is a good time to enjoy Utz Cheese Balls. Whenever a craving for a light and fluffy snack hits, grab a bowl, and dig in. Whether it’s in the middle of doing household chores, while watching your favorite Netflix show, during a Sunday football game, or while relaxing outside with your family, Utz mini cheese balls offer an ideal snacking solution. You can also transfer small quantities into containers and take some with you to work or pack them in kids’ lunch boxes.

History of Utz

Utz began in a small country kitchen back in 1921 when Bill and Salie started their business of making and selling potato chips. Today, Utz is the largest privately held independent snack brand in the United States, serving popular snacks such as Utz Cheese Balls to its large customer base that includes people of all ages.

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