Utz Pub Mix (44 oz.)



When you're craving a snack, but ren't quite sure what you want, it might be time to grab this Utz® Pub Mix®. If you love a savory snack that has some nice crunch to it, this pub snack mix is a fantastic choice for you and the rest of the family. Let's look at just why you might want to consider this as your next snack choice.

What Does the Utz Pub Mix Include?

One of the main reasons that this Pub Mix from Utz is so popular is because it's truly a blend of several delicious and popular snacks. In addition to the Utz pretzels, this also contains honey mustard twists and cheddar cheese twists, honey-roasted sesame chips, Worcestershire rye chips, oriental rice crackers and nacho bagel chips. This means you'll have plenty of options when you reach into the container. You can choose just your favorites when you snack, or you can grab some of each. They're all delicious!

How to Use the Utz Pub Mix

This Utz snack mix comes in a nice resealable container that's also reusable. Take out the entire barrel and bring it to the living room to share with family and friends while watching the game or a movie, or you could parcel out some into a bowl or some baggies. Take them to work with you—they're sure to be a big hit in the office.

It'll Go Quick

What will happen once you bring the Utz snack mix into the house is that you will be snacking on it more than you might imagine! It's a delicious, savory snack that works well whether you need a little snack while working, while watching television or doing anything else.

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