Utz Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets Barrel (52 oz., 2 ct.)



The Utz® Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets Barrel (52 oz., 2 cCt.) is a great purchase for anybody looking to buy pretzels in bulk. The pretzels are packaged in bulk in two large plastic containers and come in a perfect "mouth-popping" size. The Utz Pretzel Nuggets are prepared with aged sourdough and are baked to perfection to create their delicious signature taste in every bite.

What Occasions Are Utz Sourdough Pretzels Great For?

The pretzels that come in the Utz Sourdough Pretzel Nuggets Barrell are great for any occasion. They are a great individual snack or can be added as a side to a meal. They are great for large birthday parties, office events, barbeques, field trips and other large events. You can serve them to your friends when they come over to watch the big game or your kids after school. They are also great snacks for a variety of outdoor events such as hiking trips, picnics and more. 

Interesting Ways to Serve Utz Pretzel Nuggets

These sourdough pretzels can be used to create a variety of unique and fun snacks and desserts. For example, you can dip the pretzels in chocolate to make a delicious chocolate-dipped pretzel dessert. You can also make a cream cheese strawberry pretzel dessert, which includes a bottom layer of crunched-up pretzels, a middle layer of cream cheese and top layer of strawberry. You can create pizza-filled pretzel rolls, or serve a pretzel with hot chocolate, a milkshake or ice cream. 

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