WildRoots Red Quinoa Chia Chips (16 oz.)



Crunchy and savory WildRoots® Red Quinoa Chia Chips (16 oz.) make healthy snacking delicious. These may look like your typical tortilla chip, but they're made with a wholesome blend of red quinoa, chia seeds, flax seeds and seasonings to satisfy cravings in each bite.

About WildRoots Red Quinoa Chia Chips

This bag contains one-pound of organic tortilla chips made with red quinoa, chia and flax seeds. They're super crunchy and sturdy like a corn chip but have been made with a blend of grains to make them a more nutrient-dense option. Like other tortilla chips, these can be enjoyed paired with your favorite dip or eaten straight out of the bag.

Healthier Than Typical Snack Chips

Most commercial chips are made with corn or potato and fried crispy. These chips are certified organic and are made without preservatives or chemicals. They're also gluten-free and have only non-GMO ingredients, which is great news to many snackers. These red quinoa organic tortilla chips will make a great addition to any household, be it for an individual, couple or family.

Great for Parties

These crispy and flavorful organic tortilla chips will be the hit at any gathering. Enjoy them at birthday parties, trivia nights, cookouts, sports tournaments, game night, etc. These gluten-free snacks will be appreciated by anyone who has a gluten intolerance or just wants to try something different than the usual tortilla chip. Red quinoa chia organic corn chips can be eaten as-is or paired with a delicious dip, such as salsa, hummus, guacamole, creamy beer cheese, French onion and layered dips since they can hold up to any dip and add a savory and hearty crunch to the proceedings.

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